Spesialen 2011

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BIS Junior and BOS

Petit Ami’s Punktum Finale, (SE NO UCH Petit Ami’s Exellent Expression, NO SV

05 N UCH Shandau Flying To Petit Ami’s)

Best In Show

Petit Ami's Number One, ( Multi champ Petit Ami's Love Me Not Leav Me. Gizmo's



BIS limit and second best bitch


Petit Ami's Opal The Lovely Pearl, (FI UCH

NO UCH SE UCH Petit Ami's Knock-Out, NO UCH NO V-04 Victoire's Riccadonna

Bis Veteran

Ch. Thjernshalla's No Sinner No sanint

Owner breeder pia Mård

Best in Show puppy

Crubow's Like An Angel (N UCH NV-09

NORDV-10 Petit Ami's Love-Me-Not-Leav-Me, Crubow's Det Ble Sånn)